“The apitherapy is the union between love for bees, knowledge of their excretions and well-being that is obtained by using them. For people who have lost both health and hope of recovery, the apitherapy is like a belief in something supernatural, stronger than drugs, more natural than injections and wiser than miserly tips.”

(Pazin, 9th September 2014. Mr. Sc. Ž.S.)


  1. honey
  2. pollen
  3. royal jelly
  4. beeswax
  5. propolis
  6. bee venom


The human body cells regenerate only if they are fed with nutrients required for their regeneration. Otherwise they do not renew, or behave in an uncontrolled manner. Honey and other bee products  (pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax) contain all that is necessary for the organism (glucose, fructose, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin F, amino acids, protein gamma globulin, a complex of all vitamins, minerals, trace elements and minerals).

The absence of even just one of these elements contributes to the imbalance in the organism and leads to various diseases. Thus, for example, the absence of just one of the trace elements can lead to serious disorders, and even to death, because they are the catalysts and regulators of all life processes.


“Use oil from outside and honey from inside!” - was a famous recommendation of the hundred-years-old wise greek Democritus (460.-371. b.C.)

With honey it is intended, in the traditions of many peoples, but also by us, all the other secretions of bees, whose effectiveness as well as the medicinal properties have been recognized for centuries, even millennia.

More than 50 world congresses of beekeeping (Apimondia) and of apitherapy (Apimedica), having found place after the Second World War emphasize enough how much the bee and its precious secretions are no longer unknown to man.

The authors of the collection of these products and preparations, after three decades of theoretical and practical commitment (mr. Sc. Žarko Stepanović), and his collaborator, the beekeeper and the apitherapist Mira Kosinožić, certified bearer of official license, confirm its practical results with the following facts:

-healing of all their diseases, stable immune system, vitality and well-being, have been consistently achieved by using products and preparations of the bees;

-testimonials from many users of the products and preparations from their own beehives (in the Mediterranean and continental zones);

-recommendations of the faithful, known or not, consumers of honey and its preparations;

-recommendations of doctors, pharmacists, sportsmen, pupils, students, professionals of all kinds, people of all ages, from children to seniors who have passed even a hundred years of age;

-These results, which were confirmed by an analysis carried out by two journalists in Belgrade dealing with research in the medical field in 2002-2003 in 50 of 500 patients have been publicly declared by mr. sc. Žarko Stepanović at the first symposium of alternative medicine with international participation, held in "Medifarm" in Belgrade, from 12th to 14th December 2003. Of the aforementioned statement we extract a quote of the author mr.sc. Žarko Stepanović: "Let me just point out that in the last 5-6 years thanks to my honey preparations several hundreds of users have been cured only from chronic diseases of the respiratory tract - chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergies."

-Other results were published numerous (hundreds of articles, reports) in presentations to associations of beekeepers, hospitals at home and abroad, radio and TV in Belgrade and elsewhere, on many websites ...

-The collection of all the results with more than a thousand recipes from the world and of his original invention, achieved by mr. sc. Žarko Stepanović, the first certified beekeeper-apitherapist in the region, and probably the world, is represented in his three books, one of which is also a scientific study.

-The fourth book is about to be published in 2016 under the title: Apitherapy - modern profession of traditional medicine.

The collection of products Apilove that are used for preventive purposes and for purposes of healing and improving poor health

Apilove 1 - immune system and blood, prevention and stabilization of the general health conditions

Apilove 2 respiratory system, prevention and cure

Apilove 3 heart and circulation, prevention and cure

Apilove 4gastrointestinal tract, prevention and cure

Apilove 5urinary and reproductive systems, prevention and cure

Apilove 6 - skin, prevention, protection and recovery of function

In the context of each group of the collection Apilove, ad hoc products will be prepared for the prevention and healing of concrete diseases on the basis of: diagnosis, haematological and biochemical analysis, concrete disorders and allergic reactions of the patient.